Major Practical


Looking at the understanding that my project was to reflect personal approach to vulnerability I would have to suggest such approaches was taken to a level that was unexpected!
At the beginning I was aware that I wanted an approach of the photographic which aloud me to introduce the nude with the landscape however I didn’t expect such an final piece which I ended up with!

Throughout the project I explored the areas of Seascape as well as the forest areas however after liking at work from Franchesca woodman whereby I was introduced to her involvement of such land however then I came across her work of her nudes and the abandoned building approach this led me to the route if looking into imagery that included the abandoned buildings. Nevertheless I would happily say that without such an approach and look on the natural landscape as well I wouldn’t have been able to understand such scaling importance of influencing the vulnerability approach!

One area of reflection that I would have to look at particularly was the organisation! Throughout the project it wasn’t structured to a professional way! I would have to say that this is and has been an approach I lack! I think that I am so happy and impressed with such professional final pieces it’s difficult for me to criticise however I feel that planning has slightly let me down for the reason that I could have more to work with at the end as well as an introduction to a much wider set of images! However speaking about this I would have to say that the outcome was Successful and that all areas of My research seemed benefitial to the final pieces. With the understanding that I had to
Ensure that the naked and the nude regardless of Clark or Bergers defining
One way or another they suggested that that’s how you define a nude image and thus regardless of such definition I wanted my images to reflect the artistic and not the erotic or pornographic. Although suggestively this notion is removed because of such exposure of my body there could be interpretations if I chose the close up approach. Thankfully the images encourage such positive looks on the nude and suggest less erotica and more artistic!

Although not deeply sublime the images do have such an approach as the scale the images as well as them all together being visually seen allows the scale of the landscape to be emphasised and encourages the small nude me! The strength of the sharpness also encourages the detail and the scale of the images as well as the power Mother Nature as made! In comparison to such a fragile and small body!

Overal the outcome has proven successful and I have been so happy with the end result! Although not originally set out to form 10 sequel images the final Pieces benefit form this and we are almost introduced to a life as well as a soul! This notion of a sequence also encouraged the understanding of vulnerability and in comparison to the previous image when looking at the sequence we
Are Closely reminded of where I was placed in the previous image as to
Where I Lay now! Such strength of sharpness and colour allow this to be such a strong final piece! The use of a white boarder on top and on the bottom of the images help flow as well as suggest almost a film strip! The only
Down fall to this would be that the images on one has an extra white bit which can be seen and this separates the initial flow however is barely noticeable If placed and looked at from a distance!
Overall generally happy with the outcome as well as the quality of
My images this project has proven to
Me that strong Image proofing encourages Your Images to result-fully be incredibly Correct to what your screen shows as well as even more beautiful!



For the final images I have decided to mount all images into a simple backing! The images I decided to print because of such size at just under A3 because all ten put together means that the scale will be large and the A3 size I feel is enough so that the images draw you in as well as almost tell a story! However the backing I made sure that I got a bit bigger than A3 so that there was a slight boarder ontop and on the bottom of the pieces! The reason for this was to create almost a feel that you are looking at a negative although realistically not at all it’s just a simple centimetre between the image and the border of the negative. The reason for this was the images I want to be displayed close together with no gaps to ensure flow of the images aswell as ensure no distraction however having such framing ontop of the first set of five and then the bottom set of five!

Looking for example at the close up of the images below shows such framing!



I set out the route if such movement horizontally in five because I felt it was best to divide the ten images evenly as well as the top layer shows the first stage of movement around the back of the scene and the comes round to the from finally finishing in the same position as i started! I honestly didn’t set out for these images to be in such scenes that also equally flow and then end up at the same place I am quiet lucky for them to end up like this not only this I felt that the balance is equally fluent and I am extremely happy with the framing to have formed like this! Originally I did aim for them to all be in a line however I feel such framing in five creates a better circuit further more if I was to then create a game between them of some length then the fluency as well as such closeness of the scene wouldn’t work!

I would say I am very pleased with such end results that I have! Not only this the quality of the images was important I printed with the print space because I knew their prices
For their quality prints would be better than if I was to go quick market with printing! Not only was the size a good choice I have used glossy paper before and I wasn’t to keen on the results in regards to the images I wanted then to be Matt because detail not only is better seen when the image has no glare from light sources but also the grains are much finer and create a much sharper look!

I printed in enough time from my deadline to ensure that if I wasn’t happy with the result I could rectify with enough time however I have to say because previously in other projects time management hasn’t been a good thing for me in regards to printing however this would have to say be the first time the first final results have turned out perfect!

Before printing I would say that the time spent in proofing these has made this possible! Because the image was full of greenery the gamut reading was so much that it took almost of half the image so I spent at least 3 days ensuring the gamut reading was gone and no grey was being shown! Doing thin I was using many techniques such as desaturating some of the over exposed areas as well as burning them to make the lighter! The zoom level I used for this was so close that only pixels where seen! Each image took a fair amount of time! Not only this I then downloaded such proof profiles from the print space website to ensure the CMYK profile was set ready for their printers! Then saving them to larger files and uploaded them to the website ready for print!

Final Shoot and Final Image Editing

The Originals

Building Lancashire_43 Building Lancashire_42 Building Lancashire_39 Building Lancashire_38 Building Lancashire_37 Building Lancashire_36 Building Lancashire_35 Building Lancashire_34


After looking at the scene I had selected such an area as seen above as the route for my final place of photographing! Not only has the understanding that the setting is if an importance because if what it suggests to the imagery it is the close relation that it has aloud Mother Nature to take over a man made building as well as then encouraging my nude self to be included! The notion of using I think the same approach as in Birmingham with the idea of using the scene to play out a movement! When thinking about this it could be possible to experiment with multimedia and have it almost playing on a slideshow! Furthermore I am disappointed at how many images there was in the final result to play with! Again enough to work with luckily’ however looking at the images themselves the quality isn’t that great and with the notion of allowing the epic landscape and beaut to be such an important aspect of the imagery I wanted to encourage a balance tone as well as elaborating on such detail of the setting! Te reason for this is because detail is key in regards to this setting with the landscape playing a large role in regards to emphasising the vulnerability I wanted to really bring forward it’s sharpness!

For these images I felt that the colour tones as well as the detail needed to be bumped up! For the understanding that the images need to portray such depth with detail in order to allow the environment to create and enhance it’s power and encourage such vulnerability in comparison to my small self! Although not particularly in such large scale of the environment I do believe works well!

In regards to the editing I wasn’t happy with the image quality nor the tones and contrast for the images it’s safe to say that there needs to be some tweaking in order to make the image more of an beautiful setting although the image is there it’s attraction needs to be enhanced in order to employ such emotion and such power to the environment!

To do such alterations I first started the tweaking with the original image that has no me in it opening this in camera raw! The white balance I altered I changed to custom and played with the tones! Altering and levelling so the greens became more darker and less blue! The image needs to appeal and the more the image is of beauty the more it draws you in! And this is what I need mainly because regardless of myself moving around the scene the background is strong and stays the same! And this the detail needs to also be enhanced!
After this I opened the image into photoshop then added several altered layers Ie brightness and contrast, levels as well as curves! These I altered enhancing such tones and creating more of a realistic colouration!

The next stage was to select all layers, then duplicate and merge them together allowing the original layers as well as now having a combined layer to work from! After this I duplicated again and turned this into a high pass later which was then masked and painted into the scene creating more detail and a stronger image! However enhanced to a level that it almost creates a dream like level of sharpness! The reason for this is because it draws such attention to detail as well as making the image quiet romantic! Following this I then duplicated the background image 10 times on the opened ten images which have myself in! Each photoshop file with the individual image has now the original with myself in as well as the modified backgrounds! The originals then where altered using layers but not to much that it distorted but enough to add a natural As well as almost a cold coloration because I wanted to emphasis such feeling of cold! Turning this then like before duplicated then merged followed by masking! This is to then hide all areas of the scene and for quickness as well as matching to the original scene I pained myself in! Overall then a simple sharpness added for my own body!

The Final Pieces

Majour Final Piece 72Majour Final Piece 8 Final piece majourMajour Final Piece 9Majour Final Piece 10Majour Final Piece 52     Final piece 2Majour Final Piece 4   Majour Final Piece 3Majour Final Piece 6


The Final Piece Look

Majour Final Piece 72Majour Final Piece 8Final piece majourMajour Final Piece 9Majour Final Piece 10 Majour Final Piece 52Final piece 2Majour Final Piece 4Majour Final Piece 6Majour Final Piece 3


Final Shoot



First Shoot – The Surrounding Landscape

Building Lancashire_82 Building Lancashire_81 Building Lancashire_80 Building Lancashire_79 Building Lancashire_78 Building Lancashire_77 Building Lancashire_76Building Lancashire_65Building Lancashire_64


I took it upon myself to explore the area first with my camera to get an understanding of the scale and what was being offered by the building! First approach was of two large gates and on first sight it was unable to be seen further exploring With myself and my assistant further through the gate and then continuing up after grass and forest until we found it! On first seeing the building I was almost excited as to see how nature has overtaken with its power of trees and other plantation. On second glance I was almost uncertain and at this point as looking at the research there was much to offer as one look as if it was ancient ruins like building also has a romantic feel to me to the building we noticed that there was a great deal left to explore coming for several buildings with many other floors. With nothing more than the building shell left it was almost exciting to then see how such details still prevailed through just the walls. It was almost stagelike and also unnatural to see certain aspects of the building still remaining four example on the second floor there was a fireplace it was attached to the wall where is everything else was gone. Exploring building further across the room seen on my research when With almost several arches and a tree to one area there is another part such interest was because I found that as I need further back away from the more more more of the same became revealed the larger scale of this enabled me comparison to myself included in the moon we see such scaring vulnerability as well as the landscape showing its power and force through it’s overtaking of the human landscape. Not only has this building got the opportunity for me to shows such flammability because of had a landscape has taken over there is such a vast space for me to work in the notion is produced 10 images all different and unique yes still continuing to feel the same and show such response of the vulnerability through the use of oneself. Furthermore as I approach further and deeper into the scene I came across much more and arches and rooms however the look didn’t seem to have such the same effect or feel! I can honestly say that this room was the reason that I came such a building but as I began to explore and much deeper at what had to offer there was nothing more that I could do! For me the fact that this was a room that needed attention from my photographic Portrayal! Below is a much further look into the building!

Second Shoot – Exploring the Grounds

Building Lancashire_73 Building Lancashire_72Building Lancashire_69    Building Lancashire_67Building Lancashire_63Building Lancashire_62     Building Lancashire_60Building Lancashire_57     Building Lancashire_26Building Lancashire_19

Building Lancashire_61Building Lancashire_68


The building has so much potential and so much to offer for a photographer I was almost overwhelmed as to what I was witnessing furthermore there are so many rooms that could individually allow me to create 10 different images however personal approach as well as personal opinion suggested that it was best to create such a film attempt for this because although there was at least three or four different rooms which could offer different photographic Approaches and feels i need to 10 images that could allow such strength and understandably although there was so many other rooms in different layouts if I was to produce 10 images from such a scene they will all have different qualities and I need to 10 images there was strong not only photographically but as a series all ten needed to be of a quality that didn’t let the idea down it allowed any weakness! As well as equally fluent unfortunately all of the different angles could produce different looks however there wasn’t as such strong rooms is the one that I was witnessing this room lets particularly take my interest will be shown furthermore in the next blog.

Final Shoot Plan

I have really taken to such a setting and I have aimed to use this as my final shoot idea! The reason for such confidence is because the area not only will slow such a scale to work with (the sublime affect almost) but allows such power of nature to be seen as it’s taking offer such a man made building as well as the notion of involving myself within the nude to enhance such vulnerability through decay as well as also using it as a place to wonder!

Previously looking at the Birmingham shoot I noticed that the idea of the final ten images and it’s project never has been suggested I think thought the project I aimed to get the scene so right I hoped the rest would follow! I think personally the use f creating a scene within such a setting will allow the vulnerability to be further encouraged almost creating a set of film stills!

I would struggle with creating 10 images of similar settings and themes in this notion however if I was to create such films stills and interpret the vulnerability the sublime as well as the lonely this would be much easier and much more beneficial for the final piece to look this way!

My plan is to travel to Lincolnshire and photograph this place there is also other asylums and abandoned building in this county so I shall add them To the road trip and attempt them just in case!

Like previous there is health and safety issues that need to be addressed because of such delegate building however through research the access is available and there is no current blocking or board wring up such building I looking at the images on current websites I will need the equipment of my tripod especially if I am photographing almost like film stills of movement the background must stay the same!

Experimental Shoot – Birmingham – Decaying Building

The Building

Birming_-_Asylum_44_  Birming_-_Asylum_42_  Birming_-_Asylum_40_ Birming_-_Asylum_39_  Birming_-_Asylum_34_  Birming_-_Asylum_13_       Birming_-_Asylum_7_    Birming_-_Asylum_11_


Here I decided to just get a few shots of the building first before I went ahead and photographed. The reason for this was the access wasn’t easy with the builders on sight giving me access for only ten mins as they wasn’t aloud to give access to anyone other than other colleges I took the chance to just get as much of the building as I could. The reason for this was for not just the project but the building with history such as its own really interests me thus the fact I had visited such building in its last condition before its full demolish was something which made me happy. Further more after such studio plan at the beginning of the project to get an understanding of the best ways to approach the nude without being to the exposure that is unacceptable, with this It wasn’t the notion that realistically thinking such positions which could be suggested as seductive wouldn’t even be considered with this setting mainly because I felt it was unacceptable but also the positioning could only rely on the area itself rather than previous thoughts.

After looking at the building I thought I could have access to the other building which seemed to be scaled much larger to this one. However due to asbestos the access regardless if i could have got in without access was personally something I didn’t want to approach especially due to health harms asbestos can cause. However The image below was an area of the building that Allowed access through image of the main area of the building as well as the backgrounds detail. The plan for the images wasn’t really set out as I wasn’t particular sure of what was available for me especially as I wasn’t sure of the buildings existence as well as access. Now I have realized that I had gained access I didn’t really have time to particularly plan the whole images direction I needed to get the nude photographs most importantly as this was the only aspect as well as the vulnerability attempt of portrayal as the background to my images approach. Understandably the direction of small connections to the sublime was no longer considerable as the scale of the place was average and the use of myself in the image was minor. However knowing that the project needed 10 or more images the best approach I could think of on the top of my head was to set up my tripod and photograph myself in different areas of this composition creating almost a circuit of movement that myself had used. Understandably looking at this idea if in final print could becoming confusing to the audience however thinking quickly it was the understanding that the images show vulnerability through the nude as well as the derelict and decayed scene and the the loneliness and vulnerability to such movement around the scene as well as the nude and my positioning of the area.


Chosen Approach



My Approach


Birming_-_Asylum_16_Birming_-_Asylum_17_Birming_-_Asylum_12_Birming_-_Asylum_27_Birming_-_Asylum_19_ Birming_-_Asylum_25_ Birming_-_Asylum_22_ Birming_-_Asylum_20_

Unfortunately the images where done so quickly because of panic in ensuring I got something have become over exposed. At the time I set up the camera to such exposure levels that where equal however from the transition to taking the first image to the final image the light got brighter and understandably then detail became lost. However this was an error that should ave easily been corrected regardless of nudity excuses and lack of time its something that can possibly be corrected as I have an original shot and thus using Photoshop I could rely on the image and introduce it as an overlay to re correct the exposures setting. nevertheless I expected more images yet Its obvious I got what I needed and realistically looking so far all shots have been limited with the amount of images taken. Normally I could say the more the better. the more means you have images to fall back on just in case. However currently this is something that has been struggled with. I am grateful of the lads who let me in however I do wish i had more time to capture the scene.


Now looking at this shoot the understanding of lack of planning I would say I was successful in using what I had however lack of planning has led me to realize that regardless of the space being there or not and really relying on the existence of the places to be online and then luck I think using previous images found from those who have previously explored could allow some brief areas of image planning especially because then I can use what I have planned briefly and adapt to what then is found. However After this look to really think that its portray of the vulnerable is lacking and the imagery is to detailed to see the movement of myself and the use of the building. Taking this further speaking to the lads on sight about the idea and the initial approach of the project with the nude and the involvement with the original Nude and the Landscape they had said that the St. Johns Asylum in Lincoln was no longer accessible yet the understanding that there could be a natural and more nature taken approach a building called Nettleham Hall,they said the building was secluded and accessible.

I then Googled the place and the images I had witness had taken my heart and collapses all layers to this project and combines all approaches into one. Although not an original plan nor was it of a focus however I was astounded to the view and what could be accessed.

The link bellow shows the area as well as



Further Research – Francesca Woodman

Looking specifically at her work from personal understanding that often her death has becomes some cause of such simply shadowing on her images! The ghostly affects often conveyed through her work causes such strange, and spectral light that almost implies everyone looks like her! However the majority of her work has used no one other than herself almost considered as self portraiture. her work steps beyond this!

Franchesca Woodman in one particular image which plas such strength to inspiration would be where we witness her naked form that it appears that the roots of a tree on a riverbank are capturing her naked body from the water—or that she is either transforming into a tree herself or using such a state to allow some shelter! Main interpreting for me sees that her hair flowing and slender leg implicate such close comparisons to the roots. The tree, whose trunk seems to emit a white light, is actually situated within a graveyard.


George and Betty Woodman
Francesca Woodman: Untitled, Boulder, Colorado 1976

The reason for such introduction to Woodmans image now Is because she uses such decay and memorable places that holds much more depth to the meaning behind her work! Such importance with her work! This use specifically allows me to understand that you can use such close focus successfully as long as composition is tight from distractions as well as encourages all you want in just the single frames!

Woodman specifically had such a relationship for decrepid and decaying interiors that held key focus for the environments in her work! In these settings, she presses not only uses her body as the main focus but involves the connection of the building by inviting such intentions of almost hiding herself within cupboards and cabinets as well as such camouflaging against walls or allowing her body to blur through her movement!

Her use of nudity is complex! Ensuring such use if sexuality and yet involving such innocence. Nudity for Woodman is being unclothed as well as allowing it to strip such significance to identity as this is often suggested through the way we dress! Eliminating such factors allows the body to almost become an object however one less of such desire but almost another part of her scene!

Despite appearance in her photographs we are often looking at such a ghostly suggestion! With the idea she is always on the verge of disappearance. Her face often is obscured from the camera! Her use of herself and the limitations of visual that we see of her interests me not only this the use that she brings forth memories of such places regardless of the lack of information her settings involve but more for the understanding of what she invites to the picture! The use of props as well as the attempts to blend has allowed me to consider some ideas of involving myself into scenes and making images which suggest regardless of decay or the no longer in use buildings there is still the notion of memories and currently displaying a moment and relationship with the building!


George and Betty Woodman
Francesca Woodman: From Angel series, Rome, 1977

Her work of the nude has inspired me to take this further! I have looked at the seascape as well as the forest yet nothing has seemed to take my interest nor hold such relationship to vulnerability! I aim to now take this as a new idea yet holding close to previous shoots and allow myself to still photograph ensure things composition has been thought out well!

Landscape Woodland Experimenting

This set of images was taken on a location called Toy Hill in Sevenoaks! The reason for photographing just the landscape was to allow the involvement of a larger scale! Encouraging just a practice shoot of this kind has opened up the understanding of ensuring that there is a much larger photographic scene and the incorporation of the nude would seem much easier relatable as well as successful! I also feel such closer shots of the nude within such settings encourages the suggestion of slight erotica although not particularly suggestible through position the idea that the nude is so frontal to the images as well as almost subtly suggestible can be removed and such strong involvement with a larger scene reduces such size if the body as well as enhances such scale of the environment!

Contact Sheet

Woods-Naked (35) Woods-Naked (34) Woods-Naked (32) Woods-Naked (31)  Toy Hill Landscape (31)Toy Hill Landscape (24) Toy Hill Landscape (23)Toy Hill Landscape (30)Toy Hill Landscape (27)Toy Hill Landscape (26) Toy Hill Landscape (16)Toy Hill Landscape (15)Toy Hill Landscape (14) Toy Hill Landscape (13)Toy Hill Landscape (21) Toy Hill Landscape (20) Toy Hill Landscape (17)Toy Hill Landscape (11)Toy Hill Landscape (10)


Not particularly involving the nude I used this walk to get an understanding of my background as well as places which could seem accessible as well as easy to allow such nudity! The park was busy but I think that it is possible images such as


I think use he previous attempts if the fallen tree but could through thoughtful composition encourage such vulnerability! Still using the idea if possibly laying in the layers if the tree could help with the notion if almost becoming one with the nature as well as almost taking shelter!

Nude In the Landscape

After looking at photographing within the seascape it came apparent to me that the use of such natural areas really allows such emphasis on the beauty behind the vulnerable! Not only does the woodland seen benefit for comfort ability and scaling there are many areas which will allow me to feel comfortable and photograph largely at a time rather than an image the strop because I was worried with exposure! For this next area I wanted to look at research on such land to understand how and what will be enough to photograph to ensure such vulnerability but also emphasis such beauty!


Before I went into much deeper attempts of this area of the photography I wanted to ensure that the work area of photographing was strong and then the attempts would move much deeper and become more stronger in portraying such vulnerability. Moving further I went for a walk into my local forest and looked for a spot which would allow me to remove my clothes without being to exposed but not only this it allowed me to photograph an area which was of the forest approach. The most important part of this is to also look at when I do photograph such areas if the close up approach would be as effective or if such distance would be better.

Imogeon Cunningham  – Covelo, early 1970s

For the next approach a photographers who’s work has taken slight influence in this would be Imogeon Cunningham! Looking previously at her work on the nice in general her approach to such a genre of photography has been subtly erotic yet keeping such an approach of beauty as well as strength of character however one image in particular would be her work Covelo! I came across this when looking at her work! I chose to look at this because it was hard to find work which payed close attention to such nature and the nude but on a much closer scale! The interest for me in particular is the notion she has captured the female body inline and shaped with the tree! Such bind and fluently is what will make the imagery much stronger her use of this allows the model to become almost fitting with the landscape, this approach Is one I shall take with me for when I photograph!

The attempt (Below) Was for quickness however such planning was necessary such as the weather wasn’t brilliant but I manged to have enough light ti ensure that the images came out well balanced. Because the forest is of such natural colors I was happy to allow the colour of my hair to be involved. I was skeptical with the understanding that my hair would be of some distraction. nevertheless I could encourage such use. Not only this if distance between myself and the camera was in use then such colouration would allow such attempts of notice in the viewer to spotting myself. However the understanding is that I want to be seen. Such attempts of the photographic has allowed me to understand that the imagery witch is close up is not an approach I wish to take. Thinking back to the sublime and the understanding of scale with comparable subjects its more effect. Looking at Gursky previously we could see that such landscape (Contemporary) choice allowed the man made portray that the human form is so vulnerable as well as the scale of such landscaping emphasizing the size of the importance of the human race. My imagery will take a much more simpler form with the focus of the natural landscape however I want the images to produce such loneliness and vulnerability of such an individual however using such scale to suggest such power of the landscape and such uncomfortably of myself.

Woods-Naked (1)Woods-Naked (2)

Moving to another area of this forest I had come across some fallen down tees that created almost layers. From the previous images where I used the standard approach of photographing the model in portrait I wanted to attempt to use this positioning of the trees to almost have an experiment with composition. Not particular sure what my achievement was for this however I though that It would help in the photographic to help understand that scaling is important. The understanding after looking at these images would be that if i was a good couple of feet away and photographed them such use of myself and the fallen trees would I feel have more of successful approach not only would it look like i have taken almost shelter as well as comfort with the tree there would be more understanding with the vulnerability as it could be suggested that the vulnerability has been emphasized with the broken and unhealthy tree. where as looking at the rest of the imagery of such scale would see the healthy trees and the vulnerability.

Woods-Naked (25) Woods-Naked (23) Woods-Naked (22) Woods-Naked (20) Woods-Naked (18)

I would also say that the use of the trees in the foreground and the background was for purpose. the reason was because I wanted to add such separation between the audience and myself. The emphasis of distance as well as more of an underlying meaning of isolation. The nudes involvement however with this image i don’t feel encourages what I have been aiming for and that is the vulnerability of myself as well as the power of such a landscape and unfortunately this has not been displayed in this approach. Further more I think it would be good to not only research more into photographers approach of the nude and the landscape in particular the Forrest scene but also photograph more areas of such places that offer scale of the land which could be possible shoot settings. I think that using more of a larger scale would also show that this was less of an image of someones back garden but more of a thought out out use of such landscapes.



Sea Scape Nude Experimenting

Beach-Naked (36)Beach-Naked (35)Beach-Naked (30)Beach-Naked (29) Beach-Naked (28)Beach-Naked (8)                                                  Beach-Naked (12)Beach-Naked (7)

For this shoot in particular although the sublime was an approach which I wanted the images to take I thought that it would be useful to use such scenes understandably I have been exposed first in scenes so I wanted to have a brief attempt with clothes on! Clothes being underwear! Being on a beach it’s not as bad however there was many people walking past so I wanted to wait and photograph quick. Because if the nature of the photographs I wanted to not photograph on many frames but really photograph as quick as I can attempting to get such images on first attempt! For me the area the part of the images which pleases me the most would be the lighting at the time it was just settling into dusk as well as it was a cloudy day which essentially benefited the image and the light was such rays of sunshine the reflection of the rocks also reflected nicely onto my skin! Not only this the close up effectively would be down to the notion of being to scared to swim in the sea thus working with what I had I attempted to create a beautiful image and encouraging the vulnerability! However looking at the final image I zoomed out and laid across the rocks in a different direction this was to then create the Essenes of the vulnerable because what was not exposed in the original images was the vulnerability and how the landscape encouraged this however this attempt I only managed to get on image because of exposing myself and doing it quickly without disturbing the public! However this attempt was very beneficial for me! The reason is because not only does the image itself suggest such an artistic approach but it also not quiet focused on such attempts of the sublime but allows the idea of landscape to become obvious to be that the scale is important as well as how focused I am! I don’t expect my size to be so small however I want such detail in comparison to the landscape to become understandable and honest!

Moving further I struggle to see an approach photographically with the seascape! Not only this it is very limited especially when thinking about what distance I can be from the camera! I have thought the best approach would be to look specifically with the woodland not only because this benefits me in giving me many areas to photograph as well as the distance it allows me to be from the camera.