Looking at the understanding that my project was to reflect personal approach to vulnerability I would have to suggest such approaches was taken to a level that was unexpected!
At the beginning I was aware that I wanted an approach of the photographic which aloud me to introduce the nude with the landscape however I didn’t expect such an final piece which I ended up with!

Throughout the project I explored the areas of Seascape as well as the forest areas however after liking at work from Franchesca woodman whereby I was introduced to her involvement of such land however then I came across her work of her nudes and the abandoned building approach this led me to the route if looking into imagery that included the abandoned buildings. Nevertheless I would happily say that without such an approach and look on the natural landscape as well I wouldn’t have been able to understand such scaling importance of influencing the vulnerability approach!

One area of reflection that I would have to look at particularly was the organisation! Throughout the project it wasn’t structured to a professional way! I would have to say that this is and has been an approach I lack! I think that I am so happy and impressed with such professional final pieces it’s difficult for me to criticise however I feel that planning has slightly let me down for the reason that I could have more to work with at the end as well as an introduction to a much wider set of images! However speaking about this I would have to say that the outcome was Successful and that all areas of My research seemed benefitial to the final pieces. With the understanding that I had to
Ensure that the naked and the nude regardless of Clark or Bergers defining
One way or another they suggested that that’s how you define a nude image and thus regardless of such definition I wanted my images to reflect the artistic and not the erotic or pornographic. Although suggestively this notion is removed because of such exposure of my body there could be interpretations if I chose the close up approach. Thankfully the images encourage such positive looks on the nude and suggest less erotica and more artistic!

Although not deeply sublime the images do have such an approach as the scale the images as well as them all together being visually seen allows the scale of the landscape to be emphasised and encourages the small nude me! The strength of the sharpness also encourages the detail and the scale of the images as well as the power Mother Nature as made! In comparison to such a fragile and small body!

Overal the outcome has proven successful and I have been so happy with the end result! Although not originally set out to form 10 sequel images the final Pieces benefit form this and we are almost introduced to a life as well as a soul! This notion of a sequence also encouraged the understanding of vulnerability and in comparison to the previous image when looking at the sequence we
Are Closely reminded of where I was placed in the previous image as to
Where I Lay now! Such strength of sharpness and colour allow this to be such a strong final piece! The use of a white boarder on top and on the bottom of the images help flow as well as suggest almost a film strip! The only
Down fall to this would be that the images on one has an extra white bit which can be seen and this separates the initial flow however is barely noticeable If placed and looked at from a distance!
Overall generally happy with the outcome as well as the quality of
My images this project has proven to
Me that strong Image proofing encourages Your Images to result-fully be incredibly Correct to what your screen shows as well as even more beautiful!


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