For the final images I have decided to mount all images into a simple backing! The images I decided to print because of such size at just under A3 because all ten put together means that the scale will be large and the A3 size I feel is enough so that the images draw you in as well as almost tell a story! However the backing I made sure that I got a bit bigger than A3 so that there was a slight boarder ontop and on the bottom of the pieces! The reason for this was to create almost a feel that you are looking at a negative although realistically not at all it’s just a simple centimetre between the image and the border of the negative. The reason for this was the images I want to be displayed close together with no gaps to ensure flow of the images aswell as ensure no distraction however having such framing ontop of the first set of five and then the bottom set of five!

Looking for example at the close up of the images below shows such framing!



I set out the route if such movement horizontally in five because I felt it was best to divide the ten images evenly as well as the top layer shows the first stage of movement around the back of the scene and the comes round to the from finally finishing in the same position as i started! I honestly didn’t set out for these images to be in such scenes that also equally flow and then end up at the same place I am quiet lucky for them to end up like this not only this I felt that the balance is equally fluent and I am extremely happy with the framing to have formed like this! Originally I did aim for them to all be in a line however I feel such framing in five creates a better circuit further more if I was to then create a game between them of some length then the fluency as well as such closeness of the scene wouldn’t work!

I would say I am very pleased with such end results that I have! Not only this the quality of the images was important I printed with the print space because I knew their prices
For their quality prints would be better than if I was to go quick market with printing! Not only was the size a good choice I have used glossy paper before and I wasn’t to keen on the results in regards to the images I wanted then to be Matt because detail not only is better seen when the image has no glare from light sources but also the grains are much finer and create a much sharper look!

I printed in enough time from my deadline to ensure that if I wasn’t happy with the result I could rectify with enough time however I have to say because previously in other projects time management hasn’t been a good thing for me in regards to printing however this would have to say be the first time the first final results have turned out perfect!

Before printing I would say that the time spent in proofing these has made this possible! Because the image was full of greenery the gamut reading was so much that it took almost of half the image so I spent at least 3 days ensuring the gamut reading was gone and no grey was being shown! Doing thin I was using many techniques such as desaturating some of the over exposed areas as well as burning them to make the lighter! The zoom level I used for this was so close that only pixels where seen! Each image took a fair amount of time! Not only this I then downloaded such proof profiles from the print space website to ensure the CMYK profile was set ready for their printers! Then saving them to larger files and uploaded them to the website ready for print!


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