Final Shoot and Final Image Editing

The Originals

Building Lancashire_43 Building Lancashire_42 Building Lancashire_39 Building Lancashire_38 Building Lancashire_37 Building Lancashire_36 Building Lancashire_35 Building Lancashire_34


After looking at the scene I had selected such an area as seen above as the route for my final place of photographing! Not only has the understanding that the setting is if an importance because if what it suggests to the imagery it is the close relation that it has aloud Mother Nature to take over a man made building as well as then encouraging my nude self to be included! The notion of using I think the same approach as in Birmingham with the idea of using the scene to play out a movement! When thinking about this it could be possible to experiment with multimedia and have it almost playing on a slideshow! Furthermore I am disappointed at how many images there was in the final result to play with! Again enough to work with luckily’ however looking at the images themselves the quality isn’t that great and with the notion of allowing the epic landscape and beaut to be such an important aspect of the imagery I wanted to encourage a balance tone as well as elaborating on such detail of the setting! Te reason for this is because detail is key in regards to this setting with the landscape playing a large role in regards to emphasising the vulnerability I wanted to really bring forward it’s sharpness!

For these images I felt that the colour tones as well as the detail needed to be bumped up! For the understanding that the images need to portray such depth with detail in order to allow the environment to create and enhance it’s power and encourage such vulnerability in comparison to my small self! Although not particularly in such large scale of the environment I do believe works well!

In regards to the editing I wasn’t happy with the image quality nor the tones and contrast for the images it’s safe to say that there needs to be some tweaking in order to make the image more of an beautiful setting although the image is there it’s attraction needs to be enhanced in order to employ such emotion and such power to the environment!

To do such alterations I first started the tweaking with the original image that has no me in it opening this in camera raw! The white balance I altered I changed to custom and played with the tones! Altering and levelling so the greens became more darker and less blue! The image needs to appeal and the more the image is of beauty the more it draws you in! And this is what I need mainly because regardless of myself moving around the scene the background is strong and stays the same! And this the detail needs to also be enhanced!
After this I opened the image into photoshop then added several altered layers Ie brightness and contrast, levels as well as curves! These I altered enhancing such tones and creating more of a realistic colouration!

The next stage was to select all layers, then duplicate and merge them together allowing the original layers as well as now having a combined layer to work from! After this I duplicated again and turned this into a high pass later which was then masked and painted into the scene creating more detail and a stronger image! However enhanced to a level that it almost creates a dream like level of sharpness! The reason for this is because it draws such attention to detail as well as making the image quiet romantic! Following this I then duplicated the background image 10 times on the opened ten images which have myself in! Each photoshop file with the individual image has now the original with myself in as well as the modified backgrounds! The originals then where altered using layers but not to much that it distorted but enough to add a natural As well as almost a cold coloration because I wanted to emphasis such feeling of cold! Turning this then like before duplicated then merged followed by masking! This is to then hide all areas of the scene and for quickness as well as matching to the original scene I pained myself in! Overall then a simple sharpness added for my own body!

The Final Pieces

Majour Final Piece 72Majour Final Piece 8 Final piece majourMajour Final Piece 9Majour Final Piece 10Majour Final Piece 52     Final piece 2Majour Final Piece 4   Majour Final Piece 3Majour Final Piece 6


The Final Piece Look

Majour Final Piece 72Majour Final Piece 8Final piece majourMajour Final Piece 9Majour Final Piece 10 Majour Final Piece 52Final piece 2Majour Final Piece 4Majour Final Piece 6Majour Final Piece 3



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