Final Shoot



First Shoot – The Surrounding Landscape

Building Lancashire_82 Building Lancashire_81 Building Lancashire_80 Building Lancashire_79 Building Lancashire_78 Building Lancashire_77 Building Lancashire_76Building Lancashire_65Building Lancashire_64


I took it upon myself to explore the area first with my camera to get an understanding of the scale and what was being offered by the building! First approach was of two large gates and on first sight it was unable to be seen further exploring With myself and my assistant further through the gate and then continuing up after grass and forest until we found it! On first seeing the building I was almost excited as to see how nature has overtaken with its power of trees and other plantation. On second glance I was almost uncertain and at this point as looking at the research there was much to offer as one look as if it was ancient ruins like building also has a romantic feel to me to the building we noticed that there was a great deal left to explore coming for several buildings with many other floors. With nothing more than the building shell left it was almost exciting to then see how such details still prevailed through just the walls. It was almost stagelike and also unnatural to see certain aspects of the building still remaining four example on the second floor there was a fireplace it was attached to the wall where is everything else was gone. Exploring building further across the room seen on my research when With almost several arches and a tree to one area there is another part such interest was because I found that as I need further back away from the more more more of the same became revealed the larger scale of this enabled me comparison to myself included in the moon we see such scaring vulnerability as well as the landscape showing its power and force through it’s overtaking of the human landscape. Not only has this building got the opportunity for me to shows such flammability because of had a landscape has taken over there is such a vast space for me to work in the notion is produced 10 images all different and unique yes still continuing to feel the same and show such response of the vulnerability through the use of oneself. Furthermore as I approach further and deeper into the scene I came across much more and arches and rooms however the look didn’t seem to have such the same effect or feel! I can honestly say that this room was the reason that I came such a building but as I began to explore and much deeper at what had to offer there was nothing more that I could do! For me the fact that this was a room that needed attention from my photographic Portrayal! Below is a much further look into the building!

Second Shoot – Exploring the Grounds

Building Lancashire_73 Building Lancashire_72Building Lancashire_69    Building Lancashire_67Building Lancashire_63Building Lancashire_62     Building Lancashire_60Building Lancashire_57     Building Lancashire_26Building Lancashire_19

Building Lancashire_61Building Lancashire_68


The building has so much potential and so much to offer for a photographer I was almost overwhelmed as to what I was witnessing furthermore there are so many rooms that could individually allow me to create 10 different images however personal approach as well as personal opinion suggested that it was best to create such a film attempt for this because although there was at least three or four different rooms which could offer different photographic Approaches and feels i need to 10 images that could allow such strength and understandably although there was so many other rooms in different layouts if I was to produce 10 images from such a scene they will all have different qualities and I need to 10 images there was strong not only photographically but as a series all ten needed to be of a quality that didn’t let the idea down it allowed any weakness! As well as equally fluent unfortunately all of the different angles could produce different looks however there wasn’t as such strong rooms is the one that I was witnessing this room lets particularly take my interest will be shown furthermore in the next blog.


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