Final Shoot Plan

I have really taken to such a setting and I have aimed to use this as my final shoot idea! The reason for such confidence is because the area not only will slow such a scale to work with (the sublime affect almost) but allows such power of nature to be seen as it’s taking offer such a man made building as well as the notion of involving myself within the nude to enhance such vulnerability through decay as well as also using it as a place to wonder!

Previously looking at the Birmingham shoot I noticed that the idea of the final ten images and it’s project never has been suggested I think thought the project I aimed to get the scene so right I hoped the rest would follow! I think personally the use f creating a scene within such a setting will allow the vulnerability to be further encouraged almost creating a set of film stills!

I would struggle with creating 10 images of similar settings and themes in this notion however if I was to create such films stills and interpret the vulnerability the sublime as well as the lonely this would be much easier and much more beneficial for the final piece to look this way!

My plan is to travel to Lincolnshire and photograph this place there is also other asylums and abandoned building in this county so I shall add them To the road trip and attempt them just in case!

Like previous there is health and safety issues that need to be addressed because of such delegate building however through research the access is available and there is no current blocking or board wring up such building I looking at the images on current websites I will need the equipment of my tripod especially if I am photographing almost like film stills of movement the background must stay the same!


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