Experimental Shoot – Birmingham – Decaying Building

The Building

Birming_-_Asylum_44_  Birming_-_Asylum_42_  Birming_-_Asylum_40_ Birming_-_Asylum_39_  Birming_-_Asylum_34_  Birming_-_Asylum_13_       Birming_-_Asylum_7_    Birming_-_Asylum_11_


Here I decided to just get a few shots of the building first before I went ahead and photographed. The reason for this was the access wasn’t easy with the builders on sight giving me access for only ten mins as they wasn’t aloud to give access to anyone other than other colleges I took the chance to just get as much of the building as I could. The reason for this was for not just the project but the building with history such as its own really interests me thus the fact I had visited such building in its last condition before its full demolish was something which made me happy. Further more after such studio plan at the beginning of the project to get an understanding of the best ways to approach the nude without being to the exposure that is unacceptable, with this It wasn’t the notion that realistically thinking such positions which could be suggested as seductive wouldn’t even be considered with this setting mainly because I felt it was unacceptable but also the positioning could only rely on the area itself rather than previous thoughts.

After looking at the building I thought I could have access to the other building which seemed to be scaled much larger to this one. However due to asbestos the access regardless if i could have got in without access was personally something I didn’t want to approach especially due to health harms asbestos can cause. However The image below was an area of the building that Allowed access through image of the main area of the building as well as the backgrounds detail. The plan for the images wasn’t really set out as I wasn’t particular sure of what was available for me especially as I wasn’t sure of the buildings existence as well as access. Now I have realized that I had gained access I didn’t really have time to particularly plan the whole images direction I needed to get the nude photographs most importantly as this was the only aspect as well as the vulnerability attempt of portrayal as the background to my images approach. Understandably the direction of small connections to the sublime was no longer considerable as the scale of the place was average and the use of myself in the image was minor. However knowing that the project needed 10 or more images the best approach I could think of on the top of my head was to set up my tripod and photograph myself in different areas of this composition creating almost a circuit of movement that myself had used. Understandably looking at this idea if in final print could becoming confusing to the audience however thinking quickly it was the understanding that the images show vulnerability through the nude as well as the derelict and decayed scene and the the loneliness and vulnerability to such movement around the scene as well as the nude and my positioning of the area.


Chosen Approach



My Approach


Birming_-_Asylum_16_Birming_-_Asylum_17_Birming_-_Asylum_12_Birming_-_Asylum_27_Birming_-_Asylum_19_ Birming_-_Asylum_25_ Birming_-_Asylum_22_ Birming_-_Asylum_20_

Unfortunately the images where done so quickly because of panic in ensuring I got something have become over exposed. At the time I set up the camera to such exposure levels that where equal however from the transition to taking the first image to the final image the light got brighter and understandably then detail became lost. However this was an error that should ave easily been corrected regardless of nudity excuses and lack of time its something that can possibly be corrected as I have an original shot and thus using Photoshop I could rely on the image and introduce it as an overlay to re correct the exposures setting. nevertheless I expected more images yet Its obvious I got what I needed and realistically looking so far all shots have been limited with the amount of images taken. Normally I could say the more the better. the more means you have images to fall back on just in case. However currently this is something that has been struggled with. I am grateful of the lads who let me in however I do wish i had more time to capture the scene.


Now looking at this shoot the understanding of lack of planning I would say I was successful in using what I had however lack of planning has led me to realize that regardless of the space being there or not and really relying on the existence of the places to be online and then luck I think using previous images found from those who have previously explored could allow some brief areas of image planning especially because then I can use what I have planned briefly and adapt to what then is found. However After this look to really think that its portray of the vulnerable is lacking and the imagery is to detailed to see the movement of myself and the use of the building. Taking this further speaking to the lads on sight about the idea and the initial approach of the project with the nude and the involvement with the original Nude and the Landscape they had said that the St. Johns Asylum in Lincoln was no longer accessible yet the understanding that there could be a natural and more nature taken approach a building called Nettleham Hall,they said the building was secluded and accessible.

I then Googled the place and the images I had witness had taken my heart and collapses all layers to this project and combines all approaches into one. Although not an original plan nor was it of a focus however I was astounded to the view and what could be accessed.

The link bellow shows the area as well as http://www.derelictplaces.co.uk/main/showthread.php?t=22290




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