Abandoned Research

Name County Closed Notes
St John’s, Bracebridge Heath Lincolnshire 1989 Part Converted/Part Derelict
Storthes Hall, Kirkburton Yorkshire 1991 Only Admin remains
North Wales Hospital, Denbigh Denbighshire 1995 Council have started CPO against owners
St Crispins, Duston[ Northamptonshire 1995 Part Converted/Part Derelict
St Mary’s, North Saltwick County Durham 1995 Main Buildings stripped. Outbuildings demolished
St Georges, Stafford, Staffordshire Staffordshire 1995 Demolition underway
Whittingham, Preston Lancashire 1995 Demolition underway
Rauceby, Sleaford Lincolnshire 1997 Original hine block derelict, very stripped. Rest converted
Severalls, Colchester Essex 1997 Planned demolition to start in 2014
St Andrew’s, Norwich Norfolk 1998 Some of annex to north remains and is grade 2* listed
St George’s, Morpeth Northumberland 1999 Awaiting demolition
Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth Breconshire 2000 Recent planning application to convert to housing refused.
St David’s Hospital, Carmarthen Carmarthenshire 2002 Council owned
Barrow Hospital, Barrow Gurney Somerset 2008 Only small part of admin & nurses accomodation remain. Under demolition
Goodmayes, Chadwell Essex 2012 Closed/Derelict
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (Shelton), Shrewsbury Shropshire 2013 Closed/Derelict

St Josephs Orphanage                                          



Closed/Under Demolition Small areas remain

St Gerards Hospital – 



Partially Reconstructed. One building remains.

The selected areas in purple are the places which take interest in me. Bellow this comment is a look on the images of the destination. However right now the understanding that these have taken my interest is due to the notion that the scale of the places are large. however the inside holds such detailed areas of such past that the decayed relation to such historical and human related buildings is very interesting. Not only has previously such building have taken my interest on previous projects so  I think this would be a key inspiration to ensuring that the images are well planned because I really enjoy such approaches to photographing these buildings.

The buildings backgrounds hold so much importance to the images mainly because the involvement of such human decay especially with the asylum approach allows the understanding of the old and past decay as well as the new and vulnerable. Involving myself within these at such scale as hopeful will encourage vulnerability and the loss of such existence. The powerful building I think also encourages more of the contemporary approach as it will rely heavily on the man made landscape.

St John’s, Bracebridge Heath 

28 Days Later Members = raisinwing 


News and Other Info/Useful Links

Whittingham, Preston 

28 Days Later Members = MSP 

St Josephs Orphanage      

St Gerards Hospital –

28 Days Later Members = God



Looking at the places above these have been selected because using Google Maps and using information on Derelict and Urban Exploring Websites these are the ones which seem still currently accessible. There could be the understanding that It could be risky traveling to the places and nothing being there. However currently I have such strong faith in the approach that I would happily accept this and take further approach. Call it a road trip if you will however I do believe and I am confident with that. I am just half way through the course for my final year and Currently I am at a stage in the project that if all fails there is a fall back to such natural areas of the landscape and the introduction to the comparison of the vulnerable and the nude.

Obviously such places would need access to therefor I am approaching such attempts to gain access through the phone and contact the owners of the ground however if all fails I shall travel and then assess the situations from there. Understandably the lecturers at my uni have not encourages such practice nor have they said that it is through their push for such an approach to my project.


Health and safety for such places will need to ensure that there should be legal access however not only this there should be the notion that I will not be traveling on my own as like previous all images have had the help of an assistant. But because of the travel as well as the places I wish to visit I will need to ensure that I have someone accompanying me. Other areas of the health and safety will be the obvious of protecting equipment as well as myself. Also getting naked there is so many health and safety areas that need to be considered for my own health. Nonetheless on such approaches I will take full care of hygiene and probably use a blanket or pads to ensure such contact with areas of areas will be limited.



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