Abandoned Buildings Research

From the look if Franchesca Woodmans work it was for me an approach which seems exciting as well as Involving seeping meaning of vulnerability by the use of decayed buildings as well as the decayed human state which once was found in this place!

For the look I think it would be a good idea to look at abandoned places such a a asylums because not only does it allow such expression of decay and mental health but also the notion that these building are on large scales!

Hopefully this will be a successful approach for the project! This new direction to involve such derelict buildings is very practically challenging as access can be difficult!

The plan for the photographic will allow the understanding that the images will draw on emotions and suggestion to such one made by Simin Morley! This suggestion explains what the imagery I wish to create has with the relation to the sublime:

He suggests that “the range if recent artistic theory and practice that attempts to articulate such moments if mite encounter with all that exceeds our comprehension…takes hold of is when reasons falters and certainties begin to crumble. Something rushes in and we are profoundly altered….awe and wonder can quickly blur into a darker aspect if the sublime experience with an evocation of spiritual immensity and a connection if traumatic events…”

Morley. S (2010) Introduction / The Contemporary Sublime Documents in Contemporary Art – Sublime. Whitechapel Gallery and the MIT Press

Previously for another project I had used the website http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/ in order to gain understanding of buildings that not only are categorized but also gave such history behind the places.

I wasn’t to sure on where to go or what to look for currently after Woodman I have such a strong idea in my head that I want to use places such of either the abandoned asylum or house because of the underlying connections they have to personality and life! I have decide to do the next stage of research on another blog as this will be research over a few weeks.


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