Further Research – Francesca Woodman

Looking specifically at her work from personal understanding that often her death has becomes some cause of such simply shadowing on her images! The ghostly affects often conveyed through her work causes such strange, and spectral light that almost implies everyone looks like her! However the majority of her work has used no one other than herself almost considered as self portraiture. her work steps beyond this!

Franchesca Woodman in one particular image which plas such strength to inspiration would be where we witness her naked form that it appears that the roots of a tree on a riverbank are capturing her naked body from the water—or that she is either transforming into a tree herself or using such a state to allow some shelter! Main interpreting for me sees that her hair flowing and slender leg implicate such close comparisons to the roots. The tree, whose trunk seems to emit a white light, is actually situated within a graveyard.


George and Betty Woodman
Francesca Woodman: Untitled, Boulder, Colorado 1976

The reason for such introduction to Woodmans image now Is because she uses such decay and memorable places that holds much more depth to the meaning behind her work! Such importance with her work! This use specifically allows me to understand that you can use such close focus successfully as long as composition is tight from distractions as well as encourages all you want in just the single frames!

Woodman specifically had such a relationship for decrepid and decaying interiors that held key focus for the environments in her work! In these settings, she presses not only uses her body as the main focus but involves the connection of the building by inviting such intentions of almost hiding herself within cupboards and cabinets as well as such camouflaging against walls or allowing her body to blur through her movement!

Her use of nudity is complex! Ensuring such use if sexuality and yet involving such innocence. Nudity for Woodman is being unclothed as well as allowing it to strip such significance to identity as this is often suggested through the way we dress! Eliminating such factors allows the body to almost become an object however one less of such desire but almost another part of her scene!

Despite appearance in her photographs we are often looking at such a ghostly suggestion! With the idea she is always on the verge of disappearance. Her face often is obscured from the camera! Her use of herself and the limitations of visual that we see of her interests me not only this the use that she brings forth memories of such places regardless of the lack of information her settings involve but more for the understanding of what she invites to the picture! The use of props as well as the attempts to blend has allowed me to consider some ideas of involving myself into scenes and making images which suggest regardless of decay or the no longer in use buildings there is still the notion of memories and currently displaying a moment and relationship with the building!


George and Betty Woodman
Francesca Woodman: From Angel series, Rome, 1977

Her work of the nude has inspired me to take this further! I have looked at the seascape as well as the forest yet nothing has seemed to take my interest nor hold such relationship to vulnerability! I aim to now take this as a new idea yet holding close to previous shoots and allow myself to still photograph ensure things composition has been thought out well!


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