Nude In the Landscape

After looking at photographing within the seascape it came apparent to me that the use of such natural areas really allows such emphasis on the beauty behind the vulnerable! Not only does the woodland seen benefit for comfort ability and scaling there are many areas which will allow me to feel comfortable and photograph largely at a time rather than an image the strop because I was worried with exposure! For this next area I wanted to look at research on such land to understand how and what will be enough to photograph to ensure such vulnerability but also emphasis such beauty!


Before I went into much deeper attempts of this area of the photography I wanted to ensure that the work area of photographing was strong and then the attempts would move much deeper and become more stronger in portraying such vulnerability. Moving further I went for a walk into my local forest and looked for a spot which would allow me to remove my clothes without being to exposed but not only this it allowed me to photograph an area which was of the forest approach. The most important part of this is to also look at when I do photograph such areas if the close up approach would be as effective or if such distance would be better.

Imogeon Cunningham  – Covelo, early 1970s

For the next approach a photographers who’s work has taken slight influence in this would be Imogeon Cunningham! Looking previously at her work on the nice in general her approach to such a genre of photography has been subtly erotic yet keeping such an approach of beauty as well as strength of character however one image in particular would be her work Covelo! I came across this when looking at her work! I chose to look at this because it was hard to find work which payed close attention to such nature and the nude but on a much closer scale! The interest for me in particular is the notion she has captured the female body inline and shaped with the tree! Such bind and fluently is what will make the imagery much stronger her use of this allows the model to become almost fitting with the landscape, this approach Is one I shall take with me for when I photograph!

The attempt (Below) Was for quickness however such planning was necessary such as the weather wasn’t brilliant but I manged to have enough light ti ensure that the images came out well balanced. Because the forest is of such natural colors I was happy to allow the colour of my hair to be involved. I was skeptical with the understanding that my hair would be of some distraction. nevertheless I could encourage such use. Not only this if distance between myself and the camera was in use then such colouration would allow such attempts of notice in the viewer to spotting myself. However the understanding is that I want to be seen. Such attempts of the photographic has allowed me to understand that the imagery witch is close up is not an approach I wish to take. Thinking back to the sublime and the understanding of scale with comparable subjects its more effect. Looking at Gursky previously we could see that such landscape (Contemporary) choice allowed the man made portray that the human form is so vulnerable as well as the scale of such landscaping emphasizing the size of the importance of the human race. My imagery will take a much more simpler form with the focus of the natural landscape however I want the images to produce such loneliness and vulnerability of such an individual however using such scale to suggest such power of the landscape and such uncomfortably of myself.

Woods-Naked (1)Woods-Naked (2)

Moving to another area of this forest I had come across some fallen down tees that created almost layers. From the previous images where I used the standard approach of photographing the model in portrait I wanted to attempt to use this positioning of the trees to almost have an experiment with composition. Not particular sure what my achievement was for this however I though that It would help in the photographic to help understand that scaling is important. The understanding after looking at these images would be that if i was a good couple of feet away and photographed them such use of myself and the fallen trees would I feel have more of successful approach not only would it look like i have taken almost shelter as well as comfort with the tree there would be more understanding with the vulnerability as it could be suggested that the vulnerability has been emphasized with the broken and unhealthy tree. where as looking at the rest of the imagery of such scale would see the healthy trees and the vulnerability.

Woods-Naked (25) Woods-Naked (23) Woods-Naked (22) Woods-Naked (20) Woods-Naked (18)

I would also say that the use of the trees in the foreground and the background was for purpose. the reason was because I wanted to add such separation between the audience and myself. The emphasis of distance as well as more of an underlying meaning of isolation. The nudes involvement however with this image i don’t feel encourages what I have been aiming for and that is the vulnerability of myself as well as the power of such a landscape and unfortunately this has not been displayed in this approach. Further more I think it would be good to not only research more into photographers approach of the nude and the landscape in particular the Forrest scene but also photograph more areas of such places that offer scale of the land which could be possible shoot settings. I think that using more of a larger scale would also show that this was less of an image of someones back garden but more of a thought out out use of such landscapes.




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