Sea Scape Nude Experimenting

Beach-Naked (36)Beach-Naked (35)Beach-Naked (30)Beach-Naked (29) Beach-Naked (28)Beach-Naked (8)                                                  Beach-Naked (12)Beach-Naked (7)

For this shoot in particular although the sublime was an approach which I wanted the images to take I thought that it would be useful to use such scenes understandably I have been exposed first in scenes so I wanted to have a brief attempt with clothes on! Clothes being underwear! Being on a beach it’s not as bad however there was many people walking past so I wanted to wait and photograph quick. Because if the nature of the photographs I wanted to not photograph on many frames but really photograph as quick as I can attempting to get such images on first attempt! For me the area the part of the images which pleases me the most would be the lighting at the time it was just settling into dusk as well as it was a cloudy day which essentially benefited the image and the light was such rays of sunshine the reflection of the rocks also reflected nicely onto my skin! Not only this the close up effectively would be down to the notion of being to scared to swim in the sea thus working with what I had I attempted to create a beautiful image and encouraging the vulnerability! However looking at the final image I zoomed out and laid across the rocks in a different direction this was to then create the Essenes of the vulnerable because what was not exposed in the original images was the vulnerability and how the landscape encouraged this however this attempt I only managed to get on image because of exposing myself and doing it quickly without disturbing the public! However this attempt was very beneficial for me! The reason is because not only does the image itself suggest such an artistic approach but it also not quiet focused on such attempts of the sublime but allows the idea of landscape to become obvious to be that the scale is important as well as how focused I am! I don’t expect my size to be so small however I want such detail in comparison to the landscape to become understandable and honest!

Moving further I struggle to see an approach photographically with the seascape! Not only this it is very limited especially when thinking about what distance I can be from the camera! I have thought the best approach would be to look specifically with the woodland not only because this benefits me in giving me many areas to photograph as well as the distance it allows me to be from the camera.


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