Sea Shoot….Plan and Images


For my first approach top experimenting I wanted to look at areas of the landscape that allowed such form of causing such terror and uncomfortable feeling and that would be the use of the Seascape not only can such terror be encouraged from such an area but it also can be calm and peaceful as w

ell as beautiful. The understand of the landscape use is to encourage such feelings of feeling small and powerless especially with the comparison to mother nature.

I wanted to look for a scene which was out of the way for the majority of the general public because when it comes to photographing in the nude I don’t want everyone to witness as well as I want a successful shot.

I wanted to look at photographing towards dusk because the use of the lack of light also encourages such vulnerability feelings.

I have decided to photograph on Broadstairs beach. Because it is not only away from such crowded areas but also the scaling of the cliff edges.

Exquipment –

Camera – 600D as well as standard 18-55mm lens

When setting up a shoot which effectively looks at capturing the sea especially at an attempt for power regardless if it is computationally or technically photographed there is a way to ensure such successful attempts. First tripod. To show the motion of the waves there is no doubt but the use of a much longer than average shutter speed. Handholding will cause some unwanted blur in the image.

With this shoot I plan to photograph capturing such beauty of the sea as well as capture the waves at their most powerful state. The weather for the day is meant to be mildly windy. As the day gets later the colder it currently gets thus the wind also picks up. What is particularly interesting about Broadstairs beach in particular is that the sea front is not a straight edge but winds in and out with the cliff and beach edges so the waves at peak time hit and bounce of the edges causing multiple waves in different direction. The plan is to capture the waves but also ensure that the beauty of the sea is still apparent.


Using a shutter speed of .4 seconds captured the motion of the waves nicely. The low and close composition puts the viewer in the frame!

Such inspiration  would be from photographer Ben Neumann. Not honestly sure on how I originally came across his work but in thought of this attempt of the photographic I had automatically though of his work and his imagery of waves. Not only is the colour of his images powerful and balanced there is such strong beauty behind them. Not only this the main area of interest is what he has actually captured in his photograph. For me the strength of the motion and then such strong focus in the center is an approach of what I would like to capture especially knowing that when I come to involve myself there needs to be strength of focus of myself. This strong focus allows an area of importance regardless if necessary or not.

Contact Sheet

Broadstairs Beach (41) Broadstairs Beach (42) Broadstairs Beach (43) Broadstairs Beach (44) Broadstairs Beach (36)  Broadstairs Beach (31) Broadstairs Beach (33) Broadstairs Beach (32)   Broadstairs Beach (6) Broadstairs Beach (8)

This shoot Was I would this shoot was particularly successful. I used the tripod because when I arrive the light had already been going slowly and thus the tide was also coming in fast. So I wanted the tripod to allow such long exposures however allowing such focus. Within the sea there was a pole to ensure such depth is aware for people. However I used this as a point of focus for the image the reason is because If I was to introduce myself within the image this ‘pole’ represents where I could be. The scale of its height obviously will be a lot larger than myself but imaging such scale and how macro it looks introducing myself would be much smaller. With the obvious understanding that I will also be naked possible approaches cold see my floating on the surface of the water or just bobbing in the background.

The images I would have to say are not particularly the best but for a first approach have made me understand some aspects that will need to be considered for further photographs. Understandably colour is what needs to be take into account. The reason for this is the use of the blue I think is particularly not attractive and with my body as well the colours are bland. However the seascape is pretty boring unless I was to involve much larger scaling with the introduction to the sand. However maybe If I position the camera so in the distance areas of man made landscape is involved. Thus allowing more of a modern approach and suggesting such connection.

Further more Looking at the images my comfortably in mind I am not sure I could submerge myself within it at such great distance away from land. For health and Saftey reasons there are so many aspects that need to be considered. With the understanding that possible lighting might need introducing to allow balancing of the light of myself and the background and by the sea this is risky especially as its temperamental behavior. Not only this the idea that I am not a great swimmer (Although encourages my vulnerability especially as facial expression will prob show true fear) I cant risk putting such danger in order to have photograph. Not only this I will need an assistant to take the photographs and I couldn’t guarantee that once I had sorted the settings and balanced the zoom when it came down to focus that would be in their hands as well as ensuring the image look how I wanted it. There is to many areas to consider and I particularly don’t think that an experimental shoot will portray or give me any understanding as to how I want my images to look. The most unsatisfying thing is getting images which don’t articulate what you want and as the sea is so unpredictable I don’t want to attempt this.

The next approach would look at the woodland setting to create such scaled imagery.


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