The Sublime

The Sublime –

The sublime the word often within today’s society in particular uses this for such ordinary relations. However , for such historical relations its meaning has been referred through much deeper interpretations. With relations to the such meanings of art which reaches true heights of extraordinary portrayal.
Attributes of the Sublime –
Looking at An Example – Andreas Gursky – The Contemporary Sublime
The German photographer Andreas Gursky takes pictures of enormous spaces-
stock exchanges, skyscrapers, mountain peaks-in which crowds of people look
tiny and relentless, making their presence felt in the world, like a minute,
leisurely colony of ants. Also like ants, these people appear to spend little time
examining their own encroachment-architectural, technological, and person-
al-on the natural world. In their determined, oblivious way, the people in his
photographs make clear that there is no longer any nature uncharted by man.
In place of nature we find the invasive landmarks of a global economy. Taken
as a whole, Gursky’s work constitutes a map of the postmodern civilized world.
The vision is not a comforting one. Many of Gursky’s pictures, though beau-
tiful, intensely colorful, and wonderfully composed, leave the viewer with an
uneasy feeling

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