Looking at the project so far the understanding that the vulnerability is the approach its the understanding that the plan lacks strength and clear understandings. currently looking this area now is just a quick guide I can use in order to approach the next step of my project. Thus in detail I aim to just clarify such details.

The projects projection



The project plan

I have decided to take the approach of the vulnerability by portraying the nude within the landscape.  The reason for this is because of many aspects. These being the projection of the nude has now become second nature for today’s society. Because most religions associate nudity with shame and indecency the use of clothing has become  protective in nature. Both protecting us from nature and the elements as well as from one another. Thus the vulnerability such nudity exposes is not just through literal sense of such exposure but the scrutiny others. Further more the use of the landscape is to project such exposure of the elements and suggest that such vulnerability through the scale of such landscape makes us feel small.


The research

The plan for this area of my project is to allow me to have a look at photographers who have photographed the nude as well as its expression in the landscape and the landscape itself.


The experimentation

Using such research approaches I want to be able to use this to have some shoots that allow me to experiment with the landscape as well as my nude within the landscape. Now I have an understanding of certain positions through my studio experiment it has been clear to me that this will help me get an understanding of the final approach and what looks best.


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