Looking at the landscape it is of such importance for the idea of my images that the landscape must articulate the understanding that it makes me feel small and vulnerable. For example using the landscape such as the seascape would encourage the aspect of the power of the water. However there are considerations that need to be considered for such meaning. For example with the seascape the use of the waves as well as removing other areas of the landscape will encourage such vulnerability. For example having the photograph just introduce to the viewer the sea, the waves and myself remove any other implication of such meaning behind the image as well as knowing such force of the landscape.

The reason I have chosen to use such an approach was for the reason that as we feel vulnerable the world around us grows and we often become small and feel tiny in such a large space. Thus such an approach of including the background is the approach I wish to take. Thus I want to look at the landscape photograph to be able to get some inspiration as to how I would like to approach the combination.

What will be hard is the access as well as the idea that I shall be exposing myself in a public area. Thus the approach of the images will need to be planned such areas like weather, location as well as time of day will be what allow the images to not only be successful but also allow me to use the location as much as I can.

Examples such as  Jim Brandensburgs use of the wood is one image example of a landscape shot that seems to hold grip to my inspiration. The reason for this is although there is lack of beauty and interest with such work I liked to look at the image and place myself within it. The trees forming such slim shapes and encouraging the length and scale of such an image. Thus including myself would suggest such a scaled approach. Futhere more Work from photographers such as Edward Western produces landscapes full of natural areas of beauty as well as at a composition that would imply such scaling however within hi work the use of the waves I would ensure are on a much windier day allowing the waves to become strong and also suggest such power.


Edward Weston




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