Studio Experimentation – The body

The idea of the nude so far has really challenged my idea of how I wish to photograph myself. Obviously thinking there are several approaches of photographing the  body and form which can cause such diverse understandings of what the images wish to reflect. Positioning of the body is important as I don’t want any underlying meanings to the imagery. I want to ensure that there are no sexually implications. Thus the way the body will be shaped is important. I want to suggest as well that this studio work is of experimentation reasons for the body and thus the lighting was not of importance thus I wanted to light the room in a way that all areas of the body can be seen as well as ensuring when looking back for body for form references.

Contact Sheet

IMG_0043IMG_0046IMG_0050IMG_0052IMG_0056IMG_0068IMG_0070IMG_0084        IMG_0088IMG_0043IMG_0046IMG_0050IMG_0052IMG_0056IMG_0068IMG_0069IMG_0070IMG_0072IMG_0073IMG_0074IMG_0075IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0078IMG_0079IMG_0081IMG_0082IMG_0083IMG_0084IMG_0088IMG_0089IMG_0094

The images above I would have to suggest bring forward such suggestion of the naked and ensure that the body has been hidden or covered in certain ways. Such modesty has been ensure that it is kept. With this set of images I wanted to ensure that I covered all aspects of positioning and ensure that I encouraged such use of the face as well as removing it completely. Creating an anonymous approach. The reason for this is that removing the face will allow strong connection of the body to the landscape as well as making sure that the images although nude don’t introduce any unwanted suggestions.

Further more introducing such positioning will become more explored with the introduction of the landscape. However until then I wanted to use something other than the floor to encourage the positioning to take more of an approach which involved such prop so I get a feel of being raised of the ground. The landscape has natural seats like rocks and trees thus I wanted to use a bench (although not mimicking these correctly) It allowed me to get an understanding and feel of how positioning will really rely on the environment.



Overall I would suggest that this shoot in the studio has really benefited me. The reason for this is that it has brought to my attention that the positioning is important and I wasn’t aware until now of how uncomfortable I was in front of the camera. Hopefully with the introduction of the Landscape I would feel more co operative. The reason was in the studio setting It was just me and I felt watched to a more judgmental approach. Looking at the imagery as well I would have to say some of the imagery did also slightly show some Nipple. I would have to say that I ensure the majority of coverage such as the vagina was completely covered this is because regardless of how much or how little is shown the area of the body is very sexualised regardless of how artistic the images it. I want to ensure that there is no issues with the imagery as well as ensuring this is covered for me is important. Not only this because of such lack in confidence there is no way that there will be any exposure. However the use of the nipple and its accidentally display I don’t think will be of an issue obviously there maybe issues depending on how much is exposed but the use of the eye contact and the anonymous approach is important because having someone look onto an image rather than into the eyes encourages that it is not of anything sexual nor is it of purpose but more with the understanding that its a natural area of the body.

Further more after this shoot I aim to photograph the landscape and also then begin to approach different landscapes and photograph myself within it.


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