The model

For this project I have strong suggestion that I want to use myself. The reason behind this is such emotions and feelings which I currently am feeling are what I wish to articulate within my work. Feeling Vulnerable at the moment for many reasons allows me to include this in my work. Not only this the idea of being nude encourages my confidence to reduce and I almost feel nervous with the though. However this i personally will aid the uncomfortably of myself and being nude and the such vulnerability can be seen with the positioning of my body and the coverage of myself .

Other aspects of the nude and its use, normally are selected due to what the photographer wants to portray. Certain aspects such as body shape, personality and overall look are important.

However the use of myself regardless of allowing such confidence of the nude to be shown I must still suggest that such confidence is a must as otherwise there will be no chance of such photographing to take place. Also the use of myself will help with time and planning of a shoot. There is no rush to photograph in regards to the camera as It will be just me the only consideration of time would be the exposure of myself and the public.

The model and the Nude its portrayal

Facial expression – It has to be said that the facial expressions are important. Having a model who is confident all round will allow such encouragement to experiment with the look. Not only this the model almost is of an actor.  Not only this importance of such emotion can be down to aspects such as Eye direction. although a small detail the look of the eye draws the viewer to a specific area of the image. Regardless of the focus of the image the models eyes suggests image focus and meaning. For example looking away to other areas of the landscape introduce such suggestion of area importance however looking away from the camera allow such unaware feeling of the viewer or the camera. I feel such lack of eye contact encourages the viewer to be looking at a scene rather than having the model allow such question suggestion. Again another area would be the model and acting a part.




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