Nude and Its understanding

Making a successful image requires such inspirations and practitioner understanding. The idea for photography is really important to ensure such communication of an idea has be articulated well as well as if part of a series is fluent.  A good understanding of technique will encourage the vision to be conveyed well. Knowing specifically what you want to photograph will achieve a much more successful approach. Clever use of settings will help bring such natural or narrative elements to the images.

For the nude the acceptance is obviously through the understanding of its theme and projection. For example such understandings of the Naked and the nude, regardless of such terms and personal definition are realistically not down to the nude specifically but what it is set out to portray. You cannot have an artistic nude if there is such strong sexulization of erotica. However such categories can be of an artistic nature nevertheless its the idea of also its display whether it is acceptable for the galleries or for private shows. Personally it is it not down to theme but the suggestion of what it sets out for the viewer to feel.

There are so many themes that it is hard to list theme all however the more obvious areas include the glamour, fashion and erotic as well as the portrayal of the scientific, pornographic, political, educational or purely the artistic approach.

Thus the reason to  understand the nude is because it allows my approach to not just be justified but allow me to successfully when photographing ensure all aspects of how I approach my subject to be of acceptance allowing no notions to categorize my images into something else, something I wish not for them to suggest.

Erotic Nudes

Erotic Image – When there is suggestion to the viewer of a sexual intention. The model becomes a sexual subject often showing such ambiguity and availability of inviting the viewer in.

Black and White or Colour

Black and white is an abstraction of reality, reducing such colours into a grey scale. The monochrome image with the nude in mind is because the association with colour photography can be avoided and such acceptance of the nude is important. The Greyscale nude is more comfortable to view as such natural colours and realistic approaches are removed. Plus the removal of colour allows such focus onto the texture and shapes. However working with colour allows the use of strong impact with the mood and atmosphere. The colours encourage the dark, the light as well as the strength of vibrancy. However the use of colour will be important to ensure that when composing that anything that contrasts strongly against other colors, the more important colours, will distract the eye so removing these is important or allow the colours to be balanced so avoiding such distractions.




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