After looking at the understanding of the nude and how specifically if can be presented only allows this next approach for the project to look upon the idea of experimenting with position of the nude.

Before I go out to photograph within the landscape I also wanted to encourage such confidence of the photographing myself in front of the camera. I aim to often refrain from using myself within my work so it has become an area which I want to portray well. The reason for this is because I want to feel confident when it comes to the images although vulnerability is something which I want to capture I want to also ensure that the images are articulated well. Knowing the use of the camera as well as my body are two aspects that will encourage such images of confidence.

The plan for the project from this moment on wards will look at the photographing myself in the studio. As well as the the photographing the landscape. All these will be experimental approaches in order to form the final pieces and thus also allowing myself to know where and what I wish to photograph.



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