Further Nude Understanding

Such importance of the relation of the nude regardless of the suggestion within my images it is of such importance that i go through small research on the nude and its acceptance. Understandably regardless of such portrayal there will be some un likability to such imagery. Taste of art is different for everyone however the importance in ensuring my imagery is acceptable because I dont want any connotations of promiscuity nor do I aim for them to be of a less acceptable nature.

The nude and its acceptance is surprising especially when there is of such obvious sexual nature removal as well as the natural state. For example its less modern cultures and advanced western societies that prove such acceptance of the nude. Cultures which see the body less shameful and introduce such acceptance unfortunately are never questioned thus because of there removal to such advanced and judgmental societies.

Tribes such as the Suruwaha Tribe live their day to day life with such removal of clothing. The see their body as less shameful and encourage such natural acceptance to the boy. Their cultural view on the nude inspires my imagery to allow such fluently with myself and the landscape and although I aim for the vulnerability encouragement I want the imagery to seem acceptable as well as natural. Understandably such questioning of my position and why I am in the landscape as well as why am I nude will take place however if my body seems to be poisoned through less awkward positioning and accept such relation to the landscape will allow the questioning to still be in place however become less obvious.

Interestingly western cultures do not suggest such shame of the nude but more accept it as being a time and a place of such viewing as well as ensuring that certain activities that involve the nude become censored especially in exposure to those underage to such restricted age activities. However the use of the nude in art (Although there being such erotic art catagories) my suggestion particular for this choice and theme will represent less sexualization but more of an artistic exposure.

Further such approaches to allow this nude form being more acceptable is the notion that the model is full aware of such shame her nude body is producing to the viewer. For example this kind of display and acknowledgment of shem the the viewer and an introduction to a sign of submission would be reflected in such works such as Neil Gwynne, Mistress of Charles II (1618-1680)


However such suggestion personally is less sexualised due to the encouraged nature of the young child and its introduction within the image further more its the connotation of such situations that allows such suggestion to be unacceptable. However such attention to detail and image meaning is strong. Personally such implications I would suggest should be down to the meaning behind the image rather than the introduction to the nude itself.

For example a painting from Rembrandt 1654 shows the female in the bare form however in more of a subservient approach. He represents her in such a critical moment where she is vulnerable however such strong indication of the female power via such clothed male cleaning her feet. However even when the sexuality image has been introduced there is still such acceptance especially through the religious approach. For years the use of the nude has been involved within religious paintings and sculptures however due to the implications of such religious standards they are acceptable.

For example such displays are distinctively western christian traditions. Other cultures have shown sexual acts between two people rather than putting the female form on display. What is even more interesting is to think that more than 5% of artists in the modern art sector are women thus suggesting that such interpretations of the female form and its nude form in particular are understandably such introductions of the sexualised nature and the promiscuous approaches so could the understanding that such projection will be of a female interpretation as well as using myself cause more acceptance to the use of the naked form.slide-38-638




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