Insecuritys – encouraging the vulnerability with Nude

Caitlin Jane Photography

Jo Wimbush takes some beautiful nude self-portraits. I’m not sure I’d ever have to guts to pose nude, let alone take the photo myself (I think you risk a sorts of self-absorbed/vain/narcissistic labels when you take a self-portrait). There was an article written about her nudes in Ephotozine, in which she explained that:
“I think it would help redress the balance of our societies skewed image of the perfect body shapes/weight - mostly women’s but men’s too - which the media and fashion world dictate and all the attendant problems with eating disorders, surgical enhancement etc. However, I still feel it’s up to the individual and they should not be forced in any way…if you want to do it, great! go for it, if you don’t that’s fine too! I only hope popularity and presumably acceptance, will increase to more fully encompass all body types, shapes, sizes, ages and gender.”She claims that she’d never have had the confidence to do this when she was younger, though in hindsight she wishes that she had. “In a way, I think body confidence often comes with age but it would have been nice to have a personal record of how my body has changed/matured over the years.” That is actually a really nice idea. I’d like to take self-nudes over a lifetime, just for myself. Don’t think I could ever show them, but Wimbush is right. It would be nice to have a personal record, especially since my body changes so much. Hmmm maybe I will!

Julia Kozerski

Losing weight: Through calorie counting, a focus on nutrition, portion control, and increased exercise, Mrs Kozerski lost over 160lbs

Jen Davis


The reason for looking at these specific photographers is to draw the understanding that the use of the nude body and its setting emphasizes such notions of vulnerability. Dealing with the insecurities by removing such background encourages the understanding of such importance of how such a simple photograph of the insecure especially the use of white enhances such simplicity of the the such portrayal. However the use of Black in comparison to enhance personally more of a hatred and negativity of such insecurities.

Photography is the medium that many photographer use to tell a story. The use of the photographic for all these series from all 3 photographers encourage  the negativity is such natural beauty however use the notion of society and its unacceptable that dictates beauty based on these. 

However the idea that the these works introduce the insecure is not photographically the imagery which I set out to capture because understandably I want the use of the landscape, the scale of the landscape to enhance my vulnerability. especially thinking that the idea of many things can also be introduced. for example such insecurity and the social acceptance makes us all feel small.

Another area which I want to take from this is the use of the model. The models look at the camera as well is something which I wanted to highlight and pay particular attention to. The look of the images  is to encourage the portrayal of such acceptance and vulnerability. Both Jane and Kozerski use the look of invitation to the viewer through contact of the model and the camera where as Davis removes such eye contact. Personally the use of the eye contact relies on many other areas of the face to encourage such strong importance. for example the emotions for these photographers are lost. The simplicity of such expressions emphasizes such emotion however personally the use of lack of eye contact seen in Davis work but still aware of such look into another area of the portrait suggests the focus is of less of her own emotions but the meaning behind such photographic suggestion.

For me the notion of not using eye contact draws the viewer to look at the model and particular relate it to the scene but also creates the idea of an onlooker using the image to allow such relation to themselves. When we look onto an image rather than looking into an image we automatically question many aspects of their relation to such scenes as well as their use for such projection of a theme. However when we are automatically invited to look at such personal touch it can cause more or less an automatic suggestion. However for me to think that I shall be using the landscape there really is no suggestion of inviting the viewer in through eye contact but allowing the viewer to look at the scene and question it all completely.





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