The Nude …. Or the Naked

It has been argued that there is a very thin line which divides the fine nude art or erotic photography from the pornographic! The reason for bring forth such information is that during writing my dissertation it has been brought to my attention that I concluded the display if such imagery and how it in fact being displayed should declare the understanding of what the imagery is! Pornographic or art! But further more it’s also I believe the exposure level of such private matters! If this viewing of the fine nude photographs does arouse basic human instincts, such as sexuality. However, primordial beauty of the human body, its perfection and pureness still remain at the key focus on nude photographs. Even naked human body still has so many secrets! Though, there is much more pureness and honesty in fine nude People, who understand this, can understand the real artistic value of fine nude art, looking far beyond and seeing much more than female breasts on such photos. Nude photography often accentuates emotions and feelings. This it is important to look at this aspect to justify regardless f the exposure level I tend to have within my work I want to ensure that there is this justification as I don’t intend to miss interpret or confuse.


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