After looking at specific Vulnerability photography I have decided to take research further. All the images I have currently looked at have helped gain an understanding upon areas of emotions and features which aid the portrayal of a vulnerable person. However the understanding that I wants to use such background to enhance such emotions rather than a close up shot. Not only these I liked the idea of Nikita Sergushkins work and the use of strong contrasting colours as well as allowing her body to create such emotional affects as well as the weather. However the use of clothes is still the route I wish to remove. Such use of clothing encourages more emotions for the viewers as it’s another concept introduced that will allow such personal questioning. Thus the removal of clothing enables less viewer responses and simplifies such notions of vulnerability. Although some people may question why there is a naked figure in the image depending on such landscape this will not be high in importance but more of an understanding.


The next approach for this project will to look at photographers who have photographed the nude, as well as how they have used the landscape. Not realistically all on how they have portrayed vulnerability but the approaches of how they have formed such imagery and the relationship of the model and the landscape. Also moving forward other areas which need to be considered is photographically I not only want to research landscapes but also the notion of myself going out and photographing such landscapes. The reason for this is the landscape is of such importance as well. Ensuring I have photographed this well comes first. Placing the nude model comes after.


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