Sam Taylor Wood

16_11_2009_0258992001258366223_sam-taylor-wood 16_11_2009_0276261001258366223_sam-taylor-wood 1132809176_i_9837_full

Encouraging emotion is difficulty it becomes especially hard for the use of the sad and tearful image to be portrayed as such emotion is hard to bring forth as well as to look real. Often such emotions within a photograph are never captures thus when they are the strength of the tear is much stronger. With this vulnerability approach I thought that the use of such facial emotions could have the meaning as well as introduce a wider look for the spectator to consider. Particularly the use of such emotion is so strong especially in Sam Taylor Woods work – Crying Men.  ‘’Quiet tears of regret and grief, and yet whilst being moved by these intimate revelatory images we simultaneously know that the emotional display is being play-acted. Sam Taylor-Wood’s film and photographic works are distinguished by their subversive creation of enigmatic situations full of latent but explosive energy.’’ From this work I have to say that again the use of close imagery is something which I want to refrain from using. I want to encourage the idea of the use of the landscape and also using the surrounding to encourage such vulnerability. Rather than an emotional approach I believe the route I wish to take is of allowing the landscape to enhance how small one would feel as well as using a scene to create such loneliness for the subject.



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