Nikita Sergushkin


Taking the idea further that I wanted to use the landscape or the outside environment as well as some close focus I came across Nikita Sergushkin’s work.

Photography by Sergushkin is so expressively clear its portrayal of feminine grace, poise, and beauty regardless of this particular images strong vulnerability. Obviously, Like Cindy Sherman her work is particularly creating a strong cinematic touch. The strong use of colourisation and deep contrast encourages the emotions plus in regards to the wet cloths and her hair the strength of this use lowers such moods and allows the audience to sympathize. From this particular image I really enjoy the use of the weather and its enhancement of such emotions. I believe without it if the lady was to just appear to be lying on the floor with the same mood or presence the area of vulnerability will be removed. Not only has this use of the rain encouraged other aspects of the vulnerable as we can all relate to such emotions. Whether a heart break and a long walk home with the rain to such bad situations that lead to emotional situations and the collapse to the floor as we are overwhelmed with thoughts the work by Sergushkin emotionally offers such power and relatable imagery.


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