Manjari Sharma


With the understanding that the project will be based upon the theme of vulnerability. It wasn’t key to me that there are several things which should be taken into account in order to achieve such a strong series. After looking at Manjari Sharma’s work although the idea is that I would like to adapt this theme and photograph outside the area of importance these images bring is the notion of the focus and also encouraging such strong emotions as well as ‘water’ because I have decided to photograph outside (These images may not be outside) it’s the focus of the water falling onto the models faces and ensuring that this is the main focus. Although currently un aware of such approach that I shall take it is key to take a look at the research of vulnerability and the best approach. With this series as well although you are introduced to the shower sometimes the main closeness of the imagery removes the background and enhances such emotions of the model.

From this I have taken the idea that because I want to create such strong vulnerability with the landscape such close imagery will not work however ensure that the focus is of myself rather than anything else is important.



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