Kalie Garrett

Whilst on the Vulnerable search I came across photographer Kalie Garrett. http://kaliegarrett.com/#/self/ Not only is she a 19-year-old photographer who takes such self-portraits, her work is Vulnerable self-portraits.  Honestly when I found her work I believed it to be extremely emotional. Not only do they erupt the emotions when you look at them you can’t help but get emotional these touching testimonials are unique and collaborate well. Although from different areas of her career they all connect to one. Her vulnerably is taken not only within personal space i.e. the shower or bedroom you are taken beyond and into the outside. Although her work involves her with clothes on the minimalistic use works. I was very skeptical of using clothes when portraying vulnerability however her work has proved me wrong. There are 4 main images which gasp for my attention. These are as follows: Self-Portraits-Kalie-Garrett-153760461008_7aa01b6391


Things which have chosen to take from these images are the use of her. All images portray a key significance and that is she is vulnerable. Also I notice that they are all uniquely involve the same facial connection and although all very different this helps link all of them together. I think what interests me the most would be the use of shallow depth of field. Although you are aware of the background and where she is making focus to be on her distracts you from the background and puts the attention straight onto her. This is very useful as when it comes to my images I want to shy away from strong background focus as this will interrupt the meaning.



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