Vulnerability – The Beginning

To begin the important aspect for me would be to look into my theme. Vulnerability. The considerations for this search involves specific searches like emotions, lonely, lost, emotional ect. The reason that I have chosen to research other themes is because they all relate to how you feel when vulnerable. This will not only help me research wise but also for me to subconsciously pic up styles and repetition within images that can either influence my work but also allow me to steer away from similarities and in some senses replication.

‘’Vulnerability Photography’’

With over 5,3500,000 I don’t wish to scroll through all of these however before I go onto images to help make my search easier the first results took my interest. With stock photos become very easier to collect useful imagery those I found wasn’t to helpful. However the second search proved more useful. When I originally clicked the link the webpages layout made it a long process to look through her work. However going back to the web result itself I was able to draw out the specific photographer mentioned within this website for their work. Taking this I put into google and thus resulting in a much better result. was introduced to his website which I felt was much easier to look through. His work wasn’t particular my taste with his work on borderline erotic nudes there was an image in particular which I found useful. The vulnerability aspect was clear through the use of camera affect. I would presume the photographer himself took this on a long expose whereby he exposed the model and scene on a stationary position and then altered the movement of the camera slightly. (Unfortunately this is the photographs assumption it’s hard to assume how he in fact created the image.) Nevertheless the use of involving this within my research is the idea that rather than using full nude within my work could it be just as affective if I was to be covered slightly?


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