Understanding my Idea


For this major project I have taken it upon myself to photograph the vulnerability I currently feel. Although there is a specific meaning behind the imagery (Detail in proposal and project plan) the imagery in specific which I wish to illustrate within my final photographs is self portrait of me entwined with the landscape. To take this further I have chosen to portray myself via the nude. Not only does it seem obscured that I aim to be unclothed the connection between the vulnerability aspects and furthermore the landscape does sound unfitting. Nevertheless the whole purpose behind each aspect is as followed.

The Self-portraiture Nude – When it comes to vulnerability for myself not only is it my emotional weakness that I aim to capture but also a self-portrait would be a first for me. I am very camera shy unless it is enormously planned. However to be captured in the nude makes me feel vulnerable as a human being becoming naked for everyone to see is a massive insecurity. I don’t wish to not only use this project as a photographic project but also as a journey on improving not only my confidence within myself but also my practice.

Landscape – Usually photographing the documentary side of life my work is very personal. Not only do I tend to invade peoples space I invade privacy and their world. So I am used to photographing a much more natural scene rather than using a studio. Why haven’t I chosen a studio? Although this would be particularly easier as it will be away from not only the public but allow certain freedom. However the landscape is not only naturally or can be naturally beautiful the connection focuses on the aspect that I have been stripped back to the basics and helps focus and emphasis the idea that the vulnerability is natural but also can be manipulated. One other connection I feel working with the landscape will provide is that having a naked individual within a public area is shocking and makes me much more open to dog walkers, pedestrians and the general public. Although this does put me on edge slightly I am excited to begin photographing and hopefully by the end it would boost my confidence and introduce edge to the final outcome.

*due to weather and time aspects I do aim will be photographing myself within the studio to not only allow me to be comfortable in front of the camera but also experiment with positioning and how far I wish to push my nudity. (I do not wish these images to be erotic therefor positioning will be of a reasonable and artist portrayal).


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