Research Plan

For a project research is key. Not only does research aid the direction one wishes their photographs to head but also inspiration and ideas from a small initial idea will constantly adapt and change and research helps guide and control. For me at the start of this project I have my initial idea and although it seems that this could adapt and change I haven’t undergone enough research to be able to set the specific imagery in my head. Also there are many aspects my imagery needs to capture. From landscape to self-portraiture and nude there are many photographic themes involved and thus I shall break down the research into sub categories. In this research plan I have put together I have listed key photographs whom will aid the guidance. Although only listed in this plan I will go much further into detail with their work and not only criticize my opinion on the contrasting views (like and unlike) but also how these will help towards the planning of my own imagery.

*Some artists which I have included within the research plan may not link into the idea specifically but they are aspects to their work which have influenced me in some way and helped me form areas of ideas for my projects.



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