Projects Plan

As part of the project I need a starting point. For me it is hard to start a project without doing the basics. For me the basics come under 6 categories.

o     Theme – Normally a definition of the theme I wish to look at.

o     Understanding the theme in further detail – So any sub themes or relevant attachments one would assume is related. I.e. In this case Vulnerability I have sub themed Emotion. This will help my research as it is key to not only illustrate further detail but also helps when it comes to researching. For instance pre research to the project made me aware that ‘’vulnerability’’ or ‘’Vulnerability Photography’’ google results didn’t prove to be too useful. So using the sub themes for me it helps draw the search much closer.

o     The theme and how it relates to me (Why I chose this theme) – Why I have specifically chosen this theme. Does it have meaning? Personal purpose? Or is it a theme which just holds passion and curiosity? This sub section to the planning allows me to not only explain why the theme of choice was chosen but also allows me to have understanding and a constant reminder of the purpose behind the project.

o     The research I wish to undertake – This normally is just a list of areas I wish to cover and specific Photographers/Artists. (Detail comes much further into the project)

o     Equipment – although I do often adapt and change my choice of equipment for experimental reasons. It’s always good to plan from the beginning the main equipment I wish to use.

o     Plan – Although this isn’t fully detailed it is just a small area at the start of the project which allows me to plan the basic stages of the project.


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