Statement Of Intent

Vulnerability .
Photography is my passion and my aim has to always capture the truth. My photographic style so far I would insinuate it to be very personal and edgy. Previous projects have bared witness to the documentation of death, life and Everyday surroundings. However as a photographer its often others who form the subject of the photographic with the intentions and reflections of the photographers mind. However, looking back upon my projects I have often briefly reflected using myself yet focused the main on others. Nevertheless for this final project I overviews my practice and my life and how I could take this privacy and personal style to form a project.

Over the journey of my University course I have had a fair amount of struggle within my personal life. My first year I found stressful and didn’t predict the work load nor did I predict how the commute and work would put an amount of pressure on me. Resulting in poor health and attendance. Plus my relationship with my partner at the time slowly became rocky.

Going into my second my relationship improved yet unexpectedly took a turn when my partners father whom had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in winter 2010 unfortunately lost his battle. Yet his unfortunate process towards his passing saw me nock back university and take grip on not only looking after him but also ensuring the house hold was running smoothly by doing simple tasks to take the pressure away from his wife.

And finally at the start of this year my relationship slowly dissolved and ended. Going into my final year with a much determined and strong minded approach to my individual study I was confident and excited yet through stress and uncertain emotions my relationship came to an end we both parted. Knocking back my project ideas.

Originally I aimed to focus my projects around my partner and relationships. She had now moved to Farnham to university and I missed her terribly so the journey I took on the train to see her weekly was something I had aimed to photograph and document. However although this now is not the project idea I aimed for my process of project ideas and how I could in fact turn this around and still make a project out of it.

To begin with I thought about looking into failed relationships. I didn’t really become successful at researching this. The reason behind this was mainly it was hard to find results which portrayed a failed relationship. Realistically it occurred to me that in fact its not the failed relationship which gets photographed but in fact the emotions or the outcome.

This for this project I ain’t to use such landscapes and then the introduction to the nude and allow such comparing subjects to be introduced together to form images that use the power and the structure if nature to help emphasises such vulnerability of someone and how stripping back someone to nothing but the bare human for can in fact encourage emotional understanding as to how we are really all human as well as we take such settings to help us become of feel human again!

I will look at not only photographer who have photographed the nude but also those who have photographed the landscape!
.Vulnerability Definitions.
Listed below are the three places I looked into for the definition of vulnerability. Although I have an initial idea as to what I aim my project to focus on I felt it was appropriate to look at the definition to help as a guide.






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